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Multitale: An overview

Hello everyone! Wow, two posts in one day huh? Ironic considering the gaps between my other posts (oops). Anyways, today I'm going to be talking about Multitale, my self contained version of the Undertale Multiverse (also known as the Alternate Undertale Multiverse, AUM if you want). I'll go over it's base lore and primary cast.

As I said Multitale is a self contained version of the Undertale Multiverse, which I've created in order to allow me to mess around with characters and an overarching storyline without worrying about other artists' writing (not that I don't like other artists' creations, I wouldn't feature them if I didn't love them!).

Core Cast:
Ink is a slightly scatterbrained, artist, Multiverse natural (meaning that he isn't from any particular universe and naturally has access to travel through the Void/Anti-Void) with a passion for creativity and the creation of new things. Ink's powers are based around paint which he uses both combat and non-combat purposes. He's able to change the shape of any paint he lays down and can bring to life anything he draws, bar things with souls or things which have died (so not humans or monsters). The tools which he uses to create he also uses to defend others.
He will only fall back onto violence as a last resort, but if he does Ink is surprisingly formidable. His loose air and gentle demeanour should not fool anyone who has desires on disrupting the peace of the Multiverse.
Creator: Myebi

Echo is another Multiverse natural with a habit of wandering. He used to spend most of his time contemplating himself and reality in general in an effort to better understand what he calls trans-magic. Trans-magic is Echo's one and only obsession, since he was born with limited access to it and has since craved a greater understanding of the strange state of energy. To this end he spends his free time learning about the greater state of reality the only way he knows how; calm, persistent meditation and examination of events. To this end his studies are extremely slow and often irritate Didact in their lack of clear scientific procedure. Regardless, Echo is the only person who has shown any ability to understand trans-magic, and not even he really can.
In more recent times Echo has become more intimately involved with day-to-day goings on in the Multiverse. His calm persona has been responsible for several timely rescues around the Multiverse. After meeting Didact, Ink and Dream at the same time by chance in an effort to defend Storyshift, he became a member of the Guardians, and has since done his best to always be on call when needed.
Creator: The Lord of Silence (that's me!)

One of the two oldest Multiverse naturals alive, Dream once had the task of protecting the hopes and positive emotions of those living within the Multiverse. Working with his brother Nightmare, the two were able to help the humans of every universe bring about a True Pacifist ending, and after that provided help and consul to anyone who needed it. Unfortunately these good times were not to last. Nightmare betrayed Dream and their charges, choosing to follow the path of power, attempting to increase the negative emotions in the Multiverse, and feed off of the fears of those he once protected. Dream attempted to confront his brother, but chose at the last moment to SPARE him. Nightmare turned him to stone and left him locked away in their old home. Dream was later found by Echo, who returned him to his normal state by infusing him with a large amount of raw magic.
Being the arbiter of positivity, Dream is nearly always cheerful and enthusiastic. At times he can give off the impression of being a bit dim, but he has a surprisingly strong will, and will always find the courage to do the right thing.
Creator: Joku

Often teased about being grumpy, Didact is the only member of the Guardians who isn't a Multiverse natural. Instead, he discovered the Multiverse from within his own universe of Skytale, a world where monsters had retreated to large floating islands in the sky. He did so when he found a document alluding to an old form of magic called Runic. This new magic was extremely powerful in terms of affecting the fabric of reality, though Didact could only somewhat understand it (and even now lacks anything close to a mastery of it). He was able to use this new form of magic to travel to
other worlds, and has since gotten involved in events in the Multiverse at large.
Science is in Didact's bones (I'm not sorry), and he constantly strives to discover more about the Multiverse and how it works. He is however, more than a little bit of a control freak and hates it when a situation slips out of his control. This is ironic because he loves it when he doesn't understand something. These tendencies do sometimes lead to paradoxical emotions.
Creator: The Lord of Silence (also me!)

Where exactly Error comes from, no one but the skeleton himself knows. Numerous universes were wiped out or damaged beyond repair after the sudden advent of the VIRUS, but which of these (if any) was Error's is unknown. Regardless of his point of origin, Error ended up on the radar after it was discovered that the world of Spectretale had been emptied. It had become a cold, crackling void of static. Error was eventually encountered by Ink who at first tried to reason with him. Reasoning proved unsuccessful and Ink was horrified to see the world they were in gutted by Error's deadly 'Strings'. Since then the mysterious monster has rampaged through the Multiverse, destroying as many timelines as he can get his hands on.
Error is a highly unstable psychopath, who also appears to be schizophrenic, sometimes making comments to people no one else can see. His exact reasons for wanting to destroy all of reality are unknown. He claims that the Multiverse is full of 'glitches' and that he wants to wipe all of them out, one by one for as long as it takes. Currently, its unsure as to if he can actually be stopped.
Creator: LoverofPiggies

[I haven't drawn this guy yet so the picture isn't by me]
Nightmare is Dream's brother, and once his partner. Together, the two sought out people with negative feelings and helped them to be happy. Nightmare's natural affinity for bad emotions and fears allowed him to easily pinpoint those in distress, whereupon he would do his best to comfort them until his brother could arrive. To his distress Nightmare found that he was always unable to comfort those he found. He would always say the wrong thing or fail to empathise properly. Every time he spoke he found he made things worse. Even though everyone knew he meant well, people didn' like having him around. Dream still loved his brother, but was oblivious to the true exetent of Nightmare's sorrows. He became obssesed with finding a different purpose for himself, believing that his current role was not the one for which he was intended. After a while, he discovered that if he made people sad or afriad, he grew stronger. He became convinced that this was his true path, and turned on his brother, insisting that they had always meant to be polar opposites.
Nightmare has rapidly fallen from his place as awkward comforter to the incarnation of hatred, and the harbinger of fear. He seeks out those with strong negative emotions, and nurtures those feelings, driving them wreak havoc and spread pain to those around them.
Creator: Joku

[and since these guys are both mine and I haven't drawn either of them yet, they get no pictures at all. sorry :( ]
A bizare and confusing individual, Cuckoo's origins are unknown. He tends to pop up in various places, his behaviour ranging from simple irritation, to out right torture depending upon his mood. Cuckoo is heavily infused with magic, and without he would likely die as it is what keeps him from slipping over the brink of death. It's thought that the sheer stress of keeping himself alive is what has sent him utterly insane.
He flitters between worlds, leaving chaos in his wake. Doing this has made him plenty of enemies, and he doesn't care one bit. The more the meerier as far as he's concerned.
Creator: The Lord of Silence

Perhaps the most mysterious person in the Multiverse, Complier preys on vulnerable travelers through the Void, attacking anyone who doesn't have enough magical power to protect themselves. No one even really knows what he looks like, as he chooses to appear through cycadelic halucinations as he attempts to trap his prey. Complier claims that he adds his victims to his 'collection', whatever this is. He says that one day he hopes to have one of everything...
Creator: The Lord of Silence

Undertale Multiverse: Restoring Dreams

Author's Note: This story is set in the Undertale Multiverse, the focus of this piece being set around Dream and Nightmare, who characters created by the artist Joku. There is also a reference to the character of Ink who was made by Myebi. If you don't already know some stuff about Dream, Nightmare and the Multiverse in general, this will probably confuse the heck out of you. The character of Echo is my own, though the overall design for Undertale was of course made by Toby Fox, and so he is in a way inspired by his work.

Before we get into the actual piece here's a little bit about Echo himself.
Echo is a Multiverse natural, meaning that he doesn't come from any apparent universe, and was born with the ability to travel between universes via the Void/Anti-Void. His large eyes (large for a Sans that is) are due to the fact that he sees the world through what he calls 'The Veil'. It's a bit like he can see in Infrared or Ultraviolet, except that he sees in Magic, due to the fact that in my head-cannon most magic has wave properties (yes, there are multiple kinds of magic in Multitale. I'll probably have to write a post about magical physics sometime).
Echo wanders the Multiverse and for the most part does not interact with it, preferring instead to meditate and contemplate the complex reality. However, after Nightmare betrayed Dream and turned him to stone, Echo began trying to find a way to bring him back. After this Echo simply became more and more involved, until 'current' times when he actively participates in fights against Error, Nightmare and others.
He does his best to remain somewhat reserved at all times, and unlike most Sans' he actually capitalises his dialogue (for shame I know!). He's a mute so he uses a kind of telepathy to speak.
I'll probably have to make a post on Multitale in more detail at some point, props after this one. Anyway, enough backstory, here's the actual piece.

The footsteps were quiet, well worn bindings muffling the clack of exposed bones on the stone tiles. It came out as a series of soft thuds, each coming at slow, steady intervals. The walker saw no reason to hurry himself; the master of this house hadn’t visited it in a long time, and wasn’t about to do so again in a hurry.
Echo took the time to let his glazed eyes wander over his surroundings. It wasn’t uncommon for people to assume that he was blind, due to the pale blue haze that covered his enlarged eyes, accompanied by the way he would sometimes stare off into the distance. This wasn’t actually the case though. Echo saw perfectly fine, it was just that he saw things in a different light to those around him, both figuratively and literally.
The mute skeleton stopped in front of a pair of high wooden double doors. The one on the left was a warm hazel with bright gold coating its frame, while the door on the right was a midnight blue with running the length of its edge. Echo’s calm stare became just a little sorrowful at the lighter patch of wood on the left side. The gold and platinum cloud symbol had been ripped torn from its place on the door. Where it was Echo wasn’t sure. Perhaps it had been destroyed. The right door still bore its symbol of a silver crescent moon, but the timber of the door itself had been viciously mauled, deep gouges coating the dark blue surface.
Skeletons didn’t need to breathe, yet Echo still took a deep breath before pushing the double doors open. Beyond them he gazed upon a vast courtyard, exposed to the cool reflected light that bathed the surrounding landscape. Monsters of most universes spent their repeated lives wishing desperately to see the star patterned sky over Echo’s head, but the sky blue robbed wander payed it no heed. Instead, his focus was rooted to the far end of courtyard.
There, coated now in shadows, was a stone platform that Echo knew had once supported a great tree. Echo had never seen the tree with his own eyes, having been born several years too late, but he had seen the spectacular tapestry they still kept in the temple in Skytale. Of course, they had no idea what the treasure they were keeping was, they had all forgotten long ago.
Now the tree was replaced with a diminutive stone figure, hand outstretched to some unseen individual. As Echo approached he began to find the features of the statue more and more uncanny. It was like looking into a mirror of rock, albeit one dressed rather differently. The stone folds of a cloak flew out behind the figure, captured in a wind that was no longer present.

Echo had been expecting something, but he had to admit that he hadn’t expected this. He stopped directly in front of the statue, gazing directly into its eye-sockets. He looked sad. No, sad was too mild a word. Distraught, yes, that was better. Water stains ran from the corners of the statues sockets.
Echo blinked in surprise, before focusing as hard as he could on the statue’s chest. It was faint, but it was there. A soul. It was weak, weak with grief and the insidious magic that had coiled around it for the last two decades.
Carefully-almost reverently-Echo laid a bandage wrapped palm on the statue's forehead. Though the night stayed silent, a voice spoke calmly to the statue, deep and cool. "Dream," it said, tone firm, "it's time to wake up."
Echo let the feeling of warmth in his own chest bubble upwards, filling him to the brim. He forced the feeling forwards, down his humerus, through his ulna and radius, into his fingers and finally he poured the feeling into the statue. A faint blue glow surrounded the sorrowful stone figure, growing rapidly brighter, and brighter.
Echo’s gaze was intense as he funnelled more magic into this one action than he had into anything before. His knees began to tremble, and it as no surprise to him that when he finally drew his hand away, he collapsed to the ground, panting for breath he did not need.
He never took his eyes off the stone statue. The glow was now so bright that he had to squint, covering its entire body. “Come on, come on, please,” thought Echo, “accept it. We need you!”
The skeleton’s eyes light up, the smile hidden by the scarf wrapped around his lower jaw, as the magic went from blue, to a warm yellow. There was the sound of stone cracking, as the magic flared so bright that Echo had no choice but to look away.
As the intense flare subsided, Echo lowered the arm he’d been using to protect his vision. The figure before him was no longer made of stone. Instead he was real magic blood and bone again. The cloak, now affected by gravity, drifted down to hang behind him, flapping slightly in the soft night breeze. Two blank eye-sockets were filled with a pair of warm white orbs that stared at Echo uncomprehendingly.
“Hello,” said Echo, voice reverberating around the old structure in silence.
“h-hello?” replied the other, voice shaky. Upon seeing that Echo was still on his knees after falling over, he quickly offered him a hand up. The same hand he’d been holding outstretched for the last twenty years. Echo’s smile became brighter, as he gladly took the orange gloved hand. It hauled him to his feet with a strength that seemed to contradict the appearance of its owner. The other skeleton was shorter than Echo by about half a head, with a particularly round and naturally cheery looking skull.
“what happened?” he asked. “where, where is my brother?”
Echo’s smile froze, then fell away. “That’s something we’d all like to know,” he admitted. “It would be much easier to stop him anyone could find him.”
“stop him?”
“Don’t you remember?”
“...yes.” The shorter skeleton looked forlornly at the paved ground. “so, he really did it, did he?” he asked, head tilting up lock Echo’s gaze, “he went to war with everyone.”
“Yes, that’s why I’ve come to bring you back,” said Echo, expression adamant. “Dream, we need your help. I’ve been hunting for you or some clue as to your fate for the past ten years. Ink is, not doing too well.”
“Ink? he’s been fighting?” asked Dream, a little incredulous.
“It sounds like you’ve underestimated him,” reprimanded Echo, a weak smile rustling his scarf. “Ink the only thing that’s kept the Multiverse holding together these past years.”
“but, Nightmare, what has he done?” asked Dream, clasping both hands together in front of his chest.
“It’s a long story,” said Echo. “I’ll bring you up to speed, but we can’t do it here. He may be able to sense what I’ve done.”
Echo turned to open a portal, but stopped when a gloved hand grasped his arm. “wait!” called Dream. “this, this is our home, isn’t it?” he asked, looking around him at the long untouched courtyard. “what did he, what did he do to...” His voice trailed off as his gaze fell upon the bare stone patch where he’d just been frozen.
“I’m sorry. As far as I can make out, he ripped the Tree up and burned it,” explained Echo. “There’s no proof of course but, there’s no reason to suppose otherwise. Please,” he continued, putting a hand on Dream’s shoulder, “we can’t stay here.”

“r-right,” stammered Dream, voice weak. Echo nodded in satisfaction as he turned away to face the tear in reality he’d made. As the pair stepped through, Echo caught a faint whisper from his companion. 
“i’m so sorry.”

That's it so far. I'm probably going to post this on Fan Fiction.Net as well. Not sure if I'll continue on from this or leave it as a one-shot, we'll have to wait and see. Anyways, I'm the Lord of Silence: good luck and Godspeed.


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Laying Down Some Basics: Classical Entachan Part 1

Hello everybody!

Today I'm going to be discussing the basics of Entachan in the classical period. That'll be species, races, borders, kingdoms and languages. Since this is an overview don't expect any real detail like illustrations and such (bar a single map). Anyway, let's get started!

Let's start with the two big names: Elram and Koram. You'll note that while Elram is split up into lots of different kingdoms and such, Koram is depicted as a single entity. This is because Koram was a bit of a backwater in this time, being composed of a huge number of fractured tribes and small kingdoms. Eventually things start to pool together more, but that's not until the Late Period.
The meaning of the two words is Northland (Elram) and Southland (Koram) in Telari. We'll come to that when we get up to languages. Elram has a lot more going on than Koram in this time period, so that's where our focus will be.

There are five species inhabiting Entachan: Vanil, Janta, Razarum, Arites and Humans.
The Vanil are elves, and that's exactly what humans call them. They can live for up to five hundred years, supposedly due to their ethereal lineage. It's been said that vanil are the descendants of the Taran, a powerful race from pre-fall times. Whilst many vanil flout this idea as fact, due to the lack of surviving documentation from that period, combined with the distinct differences between the Taran and the Vanil, there is no small level of doubt on the subject.

The vanil spent several hundred years as a nigh on united people under the Emperor Elethon, until the Empire fell apart after his death. The ancient Vanil Empire was not de-similar to the Roman Empire in that it encompassed most of the known world and had a profound effect on the religious and scientific beliefs of the people it had once ruled over. The collapse of the Empire was primarily due to infighting between Elethon's two sons Luancha and Shinadel (self styled Elethon II). Shinadel was forced to flee into the southern territories in exile, while his brother laid claim to a far more shrunken empire in the north, having given up much of his land to the dwarf lords in exchange for support in the conflict. The last remnants of the Empire broke down when racial tensions between the three kindreds fractured it into three matching kingdoms, which have persisted up until our current period.

The Vanil would see a brief revival of unity under the legendary High King Eltelm, who unified the three kingdoms to fight against the forces of the demon lord Nazack in the mid 8th century BC. Eltelm himself was killed in battle against said demon's armies, and the briefly reunified empire collapsed into a bloody war of succession between Eltelm's brother and father in-law. The kingdom that emerged after this period of infighting held control over all of the lands now held by the three main kingdoms: Kataram, Meliaram and Shesram, with Teleriam having slipped its leash during the conflict.

Numerous outside pressures in form of Arite raiders and the steady northward advance by the Rotakin Empire saw the Vanilram fracture, first into two, then finally three separate kingdoms by the Classical Period.

All vanil are able to speak a form of common tongue called Telari, which is spoken in the high circles of most other realms Elram. There are also a number of unique local dialects which centre around specific areas. These languages grew out of the standard Telari root, and so many share words in common allowing for at least limited cross-conversation. Only one alphabet is used in any of the three kingdoms thanks to the reforms passed by King Menelos in the 5th century: the Ges. A different alphabet is used in Teleriam called the Leni, but the Ges still persists in many aspects of Teleriam's social and political order.

The Janta are a rather unusual people. While most intelligent species (or Tep) follow somewhere along the lines of humans in appearance, they diverge rather significantly. Their bodies are covered in hardened light brown skin for the most part, but at notable points on their bodies-primarily along their spine, forearms and thighs-they posses brightly coloured crests of scales. In addition to this their face is dominated by a large beak, and their legs zig-zag in a bizarre fashion akin to a horse's.

The only major population of Janta in Elram are the Rotakin. Having founded their society based around the beliefs of unity and common cause stated in the Rorar religion, the Rotakin are most commonly thought of as religious fanatics by many outsiders. This accusation is not without substance as Rotakin have been known to wage wars against their northern vanilian neighbours on religious grounds. Much of Rotakin society is also governed by the belief that an individual is expected to push themselves and those around them to the point where they can protect themselves from the Ender (or demons).

Rotakin Male, aged 38
The Rotakin Empire has been a constant thorn in the side of the vanil empires and kingdoms to its north. During the wars waged by Elethon the Rotakin proved to be a formidable adversary, luring formations of organised vanilian troops out into the desert where they were picked off one by one. Despite numerous victories and steady progress towards the south coast, Elethon's death came before the Rotakin's defeat, thus ending efforts to subdue the region.

The Empire saw a brutal resurgence in the following century, driving as far north at one point as the infamous Sefar (meaning cage), the mountains around which the Arite populations are centred. This of course did not last as the Rotakin were driven back during the 4th century by the campaigns of Teleshi of Shesram. Despite urges from his councillors to drive further southwards and claim the Rotakin Peninsula for himself, Teleshi withheld his armies, not wanting to risk an extended campaign through the southern deserts.

During the time of Vanilram the Rotakin waged a war against the Vanil almost ever other year with the hope of driving the border further north. These efforts were met with varying success, though by the collapse of Vanilram the Rotakin had managed to come far enough north and east that they bordered the Kingdom of Teleriam, having seized the Ques Tunera coastline over a trio of short but bloody wars. Shesram did eventually succeed in driving the Rotakin back into their deserts, and seized the island of Omelisan from them during the 3rd Century.

Now in the 2nd Century, the Rotakin have begun to pursue more peaceful relations with the kingdom of Meliaram, though tensions are still high along the border with Shesram.

The Rotakin posses two languages: Geki and Shanal. Geki is the common tongue used by most individuals and taught to some outsiders. Shanal however is a ritual language reserved for use by the Dora-a form of religious high council in Rorar-and the Ratia-the Rotakins' Dora-elected leader. The everyday individual's knowledge of Shanal will be limited to a handful of prayers and nothing else. Geki is considered by many scholars to be a primitive language, not even possessing a system of punctuation when written. Instead it in fact uses single letters written at a smaller size, and this is only really used by the higher officials, since it was added primarily in response to these outside criticisms.

End of Part 1

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Hello everybody, this is the Lord of Silence!

Odds are you have no idea who I am, so permit me to explain. I'm a uh, neurally diverse person? I think that's what they're calling it nowdays anyway. I can have a ridiculously over active imagination, which allows me to come up with some interesting stuff at times and some stupid stuff at others. I can also have some pretty strong (and often uncouth) opinions on subjects, which I enjoy telling other people all about. I'm a heavy PC gamer, spend a fair amount of time writing and love history and science. Yes, I'm a massive nerd.
I'm making this blog as a place I can plaster stories, story ideas, ramblings, rants and at least some of the immense amount of world building material I come up with.  I suspect the main focus will be on publishing stuff about my fantasy world of Entachan and my science fiction world Hyperion. Any information published on these two areas will be very subject to change because well, I'm still working on a lot of this stuff.
I'll probably also publish/discuss chapters from stories I'm working on. Since I've yet to start publishing any 100% original content (since as I said my two universes are still not set), pretty much anything that gets published here will either be fan-fiction, or else discussing it. Eventually I would like to change this of course, since I have great plans in motion. Mwahaha!
Also, there will probably be a few ramblings/rants on different subjects, like historical accuracy in various formats, and general issues with realism. I'm a sucker for nitpicking.
So, that's basically me and what this blog is for.
Until next time, I am the Lord of Silence: good luck and Godspeed.