Monday, 14 March 2016


Hello everybody, this is the Lord of Silence!

Odds are you have no idea who I am, so permit me to explain. I'm a uh, neurally diverse person? I think that's what they're calling it nowdays anyway. I can have a ridiculously over active imagination, which allows me to come up with some interesting stuff at times and some stupid stuff at others. I can also have some pretty strong (and often uncouth) opinions on subjects, which I enjoy telling other people all about. I'm a heavy PC gamer, spend a fair amount of time writing and love history and science. Yes, I'm a massive nerd.
I'm making this blog as a place I can plaster stories, story ideas, ramblings, rants and at least some of the immense amount of world building material I come up with.  I suspect the main focus will be on publishing stuff about my fantasy world of Entachan and my science fiction world Hyperion. Any information published on these two areas will be very subject to change because well, I'm still working on a lot of this stuff.
I'll probably also publish/discuss chapters from stories I'm working on. Since I've yet to start publishing any 100% original content (since as I said my two universes are still not set), pretty much anything that gets published here will either be fan-fiction, or else discussing it. Eventually I would like to change this of course, since I have great plans in motion. Mwahaha!
Also, there will probably be a few ramblings/rants on different subjects, like historical accuracy in various formats, and general issues with realism. I'm a sucker for nitpicking.
So, that's basically me and what this blog is for.
Until next time, I am the Lord of Silence: good luck and Godspeed.