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Multitale: An overview

Hello everyone! Wow, two posts in one day huh? Ironic considering the gaps between my other posts (oops). Anyways, today I'm going to be talking about Multitale, my self contained version of the Undertale Multiverse (also known as the Alternate Undertale Multiverse, AUM if you want). I'll go over it's base lore and primary cast.

As I said Multitale is a self contained version of the Undertale Multiverse, which I've created in order to allow me to mess around with characters and an overarching storyline without worrying about other artists' writing (not that I don't like other artists' creations, I wouldn't feature them if I didn't love them!).

Core Cast:
Ink is a slightly scatterbrained, artist, Multiverse natural (meaning that he isn't from any particular universe and naturally has access to travel through the Void/Anti-Void) with a passion for creativity and the creation of new things. Ink's powers are based around paint which he uses both combat and non-combat purposes. He's able to change the shape of any paint he lays down and can bring to life anything he draws, bar things with souls or things which have died (so not humans or monsters). The tools which he uses to create he also uses to defend others.
He will only fall back onto violence as a last resort, but if he does Ink is surprisingly formidable. His loose air and gentle demeanour should not fool anyone who has desires on disrupting the peace of the Multiverse.
Creator: Myebi

Echo is another Multiverse natural with a habit of wandering. He used to spend most of his time contemplating himself and reality in general in an effort to better understand what he calls trans-magic. Trans-magic is Echo's one and only obsession, since he was born with limited access to it and has since craved a greater understanding of the strange state of energy. To this end he spends his free time learning about the greater state of reality the only way he knows how; calm, persistent meditation and examination of events. To this end his studies are extremely slow and often irritate Didact in their lack of clear scientific procedure. Regardless, Echo is the only person who has shown any ability to understand trans-magic, and not even he really can.
In more recent times Echo has become more intimately involved with day-to-day goings on in the Multiverse. His calm persona has been responsible for several timely rescues around the Multiverse. After meeting Didact, Ink and Dream at the same time by chance in an effort to defend Storyshift, he became a member of the Guardians, and has since done his best to always be on call when needed.
Creator: The Lord of Silence (that's me!)

One of the two oldest Multiverse naturals alive, Dream once had the task of protecting the hopes and positive emotions of those living within the Multiverse. Working with his brother Nightmare, the two were able to help the humans of every universe bring about a True Pacifist ending, and after that provided help and consul to anyone who needed it. Unfortunately these good times were not to last. Nightmare betrayed Dream and their charges, choosing to follow the path of power, attempting to increase the negative emotions in the Multiverse, and feed off of the fears of those he once protected. Dream attempted to confront his brother, but chose at the last moment to SPARE him. Nightmare turned him to stone and left him locked away in their old home. Dream was later found by Echo, who returned him to his normal state by infusing him with a large amount of raw magic.
Being the arbiter of positivity, Dream is nearly always cheerful and enthusiastic. At times he can give off the impression of being a bit dim, but he has a surprisingly strong will, and will always find the courage to do the right thing.
Creator: Joku

Often teased about being grumpy, Didact is the only member of the Guardians who isn't a Multiverse natural. Instead, he discovered the Multiverse from within his own universe of Skytale, a world where monsters had retreated to large floating islands in the sky. He did so when he found a document alluding to an old form of magic called Runic. This new magic was extremely powerful in terms of affecting the fabric of reality, though Didact could only somewhat understand it (and even now lacks anything close to a mastery of it). He was able to use this new form of magic to travel to
other worlds, and has since gotten involved in events in the Multiverse at large.
Science is in Didact's bones (I'm not sorry), and he constantly strives to discover more about the Multiverse and how it works. He is however, more than a little bit of a control freak and hates it when a situation slips out of his control. This is ironic because he loves it when he doesn't understand something. These tendencies do sometimes lead to paradoxical emotions.
Creator: The Lord of Silence (also me!)

Where exactly Error comes from, no one but the skeleton himself knows. Numerous universes were wiped out or damaged beyond repair after the sudden advent of the VIRUS, but which of these (if any) was Error's is unknown. Regardless of his point of origin, Error ended up on the radar after it was discovered that the world of Spectretale had been emptied. It had become a cold, crackling void of static. Error was eventually encountered by Ink who at first tried to reason with him. Reasoning proved unsuccessful and Ink was horrified to see the world they were in gutted by Error's deadly 'Strings'. Since then the mysterious monster has rampaged through the Multiverse, destroying as many timelines as he can get his hands on.
Error is a highly unstable psychopath, who also appears to be schizophrenic, sometimes making comments to people no one else can see. His exact reasons for wanting to destroy all of reality are unknown. He claims that the Multiverse is full of 'glitches' and that he wants to wipe all of them out, one by one for as long as it takes. Currently, its unsure as to if he can actually be stopped.
Creator: LoverofPiggies

[I haven't drawn this guy yet so the picture isn't by me]
Nightmare is Dream's brother, and once his partner. Together, the two sought out people with negative feelings and helped them to be happy. Nightmare's natural affinity for bad emotions and fears allowed him to easily pinpoint those in distress, whereupon he would do his best to comfort them until his brother could arrive. To his distress Nightmare found that he was always unable to comfort those he found. He would always say the wrong thing or fail to empathise properly. Every time he spoke he found he made things worse. Even though everyone knew he meant well, people didn' like having him around. Dream still loved his brother, but was oblivious to the true exetent of Nightmare's sorrows. He became obssesed with finding a different purpose for himself, believing that his current role was not the one for which he was intended. After a while, he discovered that if he made people sad or afriad, he grew stronger. He became convinced that this was his true path, and turned on his brother, insisting that they had always meant to be polar opposites.
Nightmare has rapidly fallen from his place as awkward comforter to the incarnation of hatred, and the harbinger of fear. He seeks out those with strong negative emotions, and nurtures those feelings, driving them wreak havoc and spread pain to those around them.
Creator: Joku

[and since these guys are both mine and I haven't drawn either of them yet, they get no pictures at all. sorry :( ]
A bizare and confusing individual, Cuckoo's origins are unknown. He tends to pop up in various places, his behaviour ranging from simple irritation, to out right torture depending upon his mood. Cuckoo is heavily infused with magic, and without he would likely die as it is what keeps him from slipping over the brink of death. It's thought that the sheer stress of keeping himself alive is what has sent him utterly insane.
He flitters between worlds, leaving chaos in his wake. Doing this has made him plenty of enemies, and he doesn't care one bit. The more the meerier as far as he's concerned.
Creator: The Lord of Silence

Perhaps the most mysterious person in the Multiverse, Complier preys on vulnerable travelers through the Void, attacking anyone who doesn't have enough magical power to protect themselves. No one even really knows what he looks like, as he chooses to appear through cycadelic halucinations as he attempts to trap his prey. Complier claims that he adds his victims to his 'collection', whatever this is. He says that one day he hopes to have one of everything...
Creator: The Lord of Silence

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