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Undertale Multiverse: Restoring Dreams

Author's Note: This story is set in the Undertale Multiverse, the focus of this piece being set around Dream and Nightmare, who characters created by the artist Joku. There is also a reference to the character of Ink who was made by Myebi. If you don't already know some stuff about Dream, Nightmare and the Multiverse in general, this will probably confuse the heck out of you. The character of Echo is my own, though the overall design for Undertale was of course made by Toby Fox, and so he is in a way inspired by his work.

Before we get into the actual piece here's a little bit about Echo himself.
Echo is a Multiverse natural, meaning that he doesn't come from any apparent universe, and was born with the ability to travel between universes via the Void/Anti-Void. His large eyes (large for a Sans that is) are due to the fact that he sees the world through what he calls 'The Veil'. It's a bit like he can see in Infrared or Ultraviolet, except that he sees in Magic, due to the fact that in my head-cannon most magic has wave properties (yes, there are multiple kinds of magic in Multitale. I'll probably have to write a post about magical physics sometime).
Echo wanders the Multiverse and for the most part does not interact with it, preferring instead to meditate and contemplate the complex reality. However, after Nightmare betrayed Dream and turned him to stone, Echo began trying to find a way to bring him back. After this Echo simply became more and more involved, until 'current' times when he actively participates in fights against Error, Nightmare and others.
He does his best to remain somewhat reserved at all times, and unlike most Sans' he actually capitalises his dialogue (for shame I know!). He's a mute so he uses a kind of telepathy to speak.
I'll probably have to make a post on Multitale in more detail at some point, props after this one. Anyway, enough backstory, here's the actual piece.

The footsteps were quiet, well worn bindings muffling the clack of exposed bones on the stone tiles. It came out as a series of soft thuds, each coming at slow, steady intervals. The walker saw no reason to hurry himself; the master of this house hadn’t visited it in a long time, and wasn’t about to do so again in a hurry.
Echo took the time to let his glazed eyes wander over his surroundings. It wasn’t uncommon for people to assume that he was blind, due to the pale blue haze that covered his enlarged eyes, accompanied by the way he would sometimes stare off into the distance. This wasn’t actually the case though. Echo saw perfectly fine, it was just that he saw things in a different light to those around him, both figuratively and literally.
The mute skeleton stopped in front of a pair of high wooden double doors. The one on the left was a warm hazel with bright gold coating its frame, while the door on the right was a midnight blue with running the length of its edge. Echo’s calm stare became just a little sorrowful at the lighter patch of wood on the left side. The gold and platinum cloud symbol had been ripped torn from its place on the door. Where it was Echo wasn’t sure. Perhaps it had been destroyed. The right door still bore its symbol of a silver crescent moon, but the timber of the door itself had been viciously mauled, deep gouges coating the dark blue surface.
Skeletons didn’t need to breathe, yet Echo still took a deep breath before pushing the double doors open. Beyond them he gazed upon a vast courtyard, exposed to the cool reflected light that bathed the surrounding landscape. Monsters of most universes spent their repeated lives wishing desperately to see the star patterned sky over Echo’s head, but the sky blue robbed wander payed it no heed. Instead, his focus was rooted to the far end of courtyard.
There, coated now in shadows, was a stone platform that Echo knew had once supported a great tree. Echo had never seen the tree with his own eyes, having been born several years too late, but he had seen the spectacular tapestry they still kept in the temple in Skytale. Of course, they had no idea what the treasure they were keeping was, they had all forgotten long ago.
Now the tree was replaced with a diminutive stone figure, hand outstretched to some unseen individual. As Echo approached he began to find the features of the statue more and more uncanny. It was like looking into a mirror of rock, albeit one dressed rather differently. The stone folds of a cloak flew out behind the figure, captured in a wind that was no longer present.

Echo had been expecting something, but he had to admit that he hadn’t expected this. He stopped directly in front of the statue, gazing directly into its eye-sockets. He looked sad. No, sad was too mild a word. Distraught, yes, that was better. Water stains ran from the corners of the statues sockets.
Echo blinked in surprise, before focusing as hard as he could on the statue’s chest. It was faint, but it was there. A soul. It was weak, weak with grief and the insidious magic that had coiled around it for the last two decades.
Carefully-almost reverently-Echo laid a bandage wrapped palm on the statue's forehead. Though the night stayed silent, a voice spoke calmly to the statue, deep and cool. "Dream," it said, tone firm, "it's time to wake up."
Echo let the feeling of warmth in his own chest bubble upwards, filling him to the brim. He forced the feeling forwards, down his humerus, through his ulna and radius, into his fingers and finally he poured the feeling into the statue. A faint blue glow surrounded the sorrowful stone figure, growing rapidly brighter, and brighter.
Echo’s gaze was intense as he funnelled more magic into this one action than he had into anything before. His knees began to tremble, and it as no surprise to him that when he finally drew his hand away, he collapsed to the ground, panting for breath he did not need.
He never took his eyes off the stone statue. The glow was now so bright that he had to squint, covering its entire body. “Come on, come on, please,” thought Echo, “accept it. We need you!”
The skeleton’s eyes light up, the smile hidden by the scarf wrapped around his lower jaw, as the magic went from blue, to a warm yellow. There was the sound of stone cracking, as the magic flared so bright that Echo had no choice but to look away.
As the intense flare subsided, Echo lowered the arm he’d been using to protect his vision. The figure before him was no longer made of stone. Instead he was real magic blood and bone again. The cloak, now affected by gravity, drifted down to hang behind him, flapping slightly in the soft night breeze. Two blank eye-sockets were filled with a pair of warm white orbs that stared at Echo uncomprehendingly.
“Hello,” said Echo, voice reverberating around the old structure in silence.
“h-hello?” replied the other, voice shaky. Upon seeing that Echo was still on his knees after falling over, he quickly offered him a hand up. The same hand he’d been holding outstretched for the last twenty years. Echo’s smile became brighter, as he gladly took the orange gloved hand. It hauled him to his feet with a strength that seemed to contradict the appearance of its owner. The other skeleton was shorter than Echo by about half a head, with a particularly round and naturally cheery looking skull.
“what happened?” he asked. “where, where is my brother?”
Echo’s smile froze, then fell away. “That’s something we’d all like to know,” he admitted. “It would be much easier to stop him anyone could find him.”
“stop him?”
“Don’t you remember?”
“...yes.” The shorter skeleton looked forlornly at the paved ground. “so, he really did it, did he?” he asked, head tilting up lock Echo’s gaze, “he went to war with everyone.”
“Yes, that’s why I’ve come to bring you back,” said Echo, expression adamant. “Dream, we need your help. I’ve been hunting for you or some clue as to your fate for the past ten years. Ink is, not doing too well.”
“Ink? he’s been fighting?” asked Dream, a little incredulous.
“It sounds like you’ve underestimated him,” reprimanded Echo, a weak smile rustling his scarf. “Ink the only thing that’s kept the Multiverse holding together these past years.”
“but, Nightmare, what has he done?” asked Dream, clasping both hands together in front of his chest.
“It’s a long story,” said Echo. “I’ll bring you up to speed, but we can’t do it here. He may be able to sense what I’ve done.”
Echo turned to open a portal, but stopped when a gloved hand grasped his arm. “wait!” called Dream. “this, this is our home, isn’t it?” he asked, looking around him at the long untouched courtyard. “what did he, what did he do to...” His voice trailed off as his gaze fell upon the bare stone patch where he’d just been frozen.
“I’m sorry. As far as I can make out, he ripped the Tree up and burned it,” explained Echo. “There’s no proof of course but, there’s no reason to suppose otherwise. Please,” he continued, putting a hand on Dream’s shoulder, “we can’t stay here.”

“r-right,” stammered Dream, voice weak. Echo nodded in satisfaction as he turned away to face the tear in reality he’d made. As the pair stepped through, Echo caught a faint whisper from his companion. 
“i’m so sorry.”

That's it so far. I'm probably going to post this on Fan Fiction.Net as well. Not sure if I'll continue on from this or leave it as a one-shot, we'll have to wait and see. Anyways, I'm the Lord of Silence: good luck and Godspeed.


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